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RENTAL TERMS and CONDITIONS (Credit Application bottom of page)

RATES Rates are based on a maximum of 8 hours per day and 176 hours per month.(1 month = 30 calendar days) Excess hours will be charged at the hourly rate.

TERMS Payment is due 30 days after the rental billing. Interest at 1.5% per month will be charged beginning 60 days after the rental billing.

DAILY CHARGES A day of rent will be charged for each weekday that the equipment is in the RENTERíS possession. Rent stops when the equipment has been returned to the yard of DOWNS EQUIPMENT RENTALS, INC. unless other written arrangements are made.

HAULING The renter pays hauling costs to and from the job site.

INSURANCE The renter must provide Downs Equipment Rentals, Inc. with a certificate of insurance covering comprehensive fire and theft and general liability on rented equipment. Downs Equipment Rentals, Inc. is to be named loss payee and additional insured.

Downs Equipment Rentals, Inc. will normally file a preliminary notice on the job site where the equipment is used (to establish lien rights) unless other arrangements are made.

INDEMNIFICATION RISK OF LOSS RENTER agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Downs Equipment Rentals, Inc., its employees, its clients and its affiliates from all liabilities, losses, damages, demands, claims, suits, costs and expenses including reasonable legal fees and other expenses of litigation in any way arising out of or related to this rental. RENTERíS violation of law or regulation and/or RENTERíS negligence or other fault, or that of its agents, or employees, or subcontractors, except for that portion of any losses which are solely attributable to the negligence or willful misconduct of Downs Equipment Rentals, Inc. This indemnity specifically covers any claims asserted by RENTERíS employees for personal injury or other loss.

SERVICING The renter is responsible for servicing rental equipment according to the manufacturer's service recommendations. Daily lubrication of grease zirks, daily checks of oil and coolant levels, oil and filter changes, checks for leaks and inspection of the machine for abnormal conditions are required.

250+ HOUR
RENTER will be charged, for a 250+ hour service, should a piece of equipment be returned to our yard, or discovered in the field to have in excess of 250 hours from the last time the equipment was serviced. 250+ hours are calculated from the time the customer received the equipment, or the last time it was serviced which ever is less.

Charges are as follows:

  • For equipment returned to the yard there will be a flat charge for the 250+ hour service, and a prorated per hour charge for all hours over 250.
  • For equipment in the field there will be a flat charge for the 250+ hour service, and a prorated per hour charge for all hours over 250, including a per mile charge each way, and a per hour travel time charge for each service person needed to perform the work. Contact your rental rep for current rates.

For a specified charge, based on the particular machine and distance from the yard, Downs Equipment Rentals, Inc. will contract with renter to perform the required 200 hour monthly machine service. Ask the equipment dispatcher for service rates.

DAMAGE RENTER is responsible for the rental equipment, and will be charged for damage due to abuse, neglect, collision, upset and/or wear from use in extreme conditions. When a machine is damaged your current rental charges will be ongoing until the necessary repairs have been completed, and the machine is ready for rental.

REPAIRS Downs Equipment Rentals, Inc. is responsible for all repairs required as a result of normal wear and use, as defined by Downs Equipment Rentals, Inc. When a machine is damaged, your current rental charges will be ongoing until the necessary repairs have been completed, and the machine is ready for rental.

The renter is required to replace points and cutting edges before damage is done to the machine.

TRACK TYPE TRACTORS Track type tractors are not to be used in ROCK or WATER. In addition to the normal rental charges; You will be charged between $1.50 to $45.90 per hour of use for equipment found to have excess undercarriage wear, plus any other damage.

WATER TRUCKS Water trucks must be hauled to and from the job site on a licensed vehicle. Water trucks are not insured as licensed vehicles to be operated on roadways; only as special equipment operated off highway.

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